Atlantisite meaning

This Atlantisite consists of green Serpentine and purple Stichtite and is found in South Africa. The gemstone is connected to the knowledge and energy of Atlantis.


Atlantis , Spiritual Development & Inner Peace

Atlantisite, also called the 'Stone of Atlantis', is a protective stone and helps with spiritual growth and inner peace. The stone helps to remember and close unfinished business from past lives, especially those from the time of Atlantis. It offers protection against negative energies and teaches the correct use of the spiritual.

The calming energy of Serpentine in Atlantisite helps reduce stress and brings serene tranquility. The purple Stichtite component stimulates empathy, compassion and forgiveness. Atlantisite helps you let go of limiting beliefs to get closer to your true self.


Heart chakra & Crown chakra


Virgo , Pisces , Aquarius & Libra