Amazonite gemstone

Amazonite is special feldspar with a characteristic green-blue hue. This color is often attributed to the presence of lead and water in the mineral. It is often found in granitic rocks, where it forms in crystalline formations.

Meaning of Amazonite

Cheerfulness, Calmness & Love

Amazonite is a cheerful, yet calm gemstone with a warmed love energy similar to that of the sun. This gemstone has a healing effect on the heart and strengthens loving communication.

It soothes trauma and relieves worries and fears. He helps you to live from your heart, and not from your head.

This gemstone helps with separation anxiety, new situations and when saying goodbye. He lets you get used to a situation in a gentle and sweet way. Amazonite also protects against radiation and negative energy from outside.

Did you know...

…the name Amazonite refers to the Amazon? It used to be thought that this was the location of this beautiful green gemstone. However, this gemstone turned out to have never been found in the Amazon region and its beautiful name is based on a small mistake.


Heart chakra (4th chakra) & Crown chakra (7th chakra)


Virgo , Libra , Aquarius & Pisces