Meaning of brown tourmaline

Grounding, (Self) Acceptance & Strength

Brown Tourmaline is connected to the earth and its energy field and can help you make a strong connection with it.

He helps find emotional strength and self-acceptance and initiates deep healing for those who have experienced emotional trauma. Its gentle healing energy illuminates aspects of yourself that have been denied, or past experiences that seemed too painful to remember. It provides grounding and peace from overwhelm, fear and panic and provides renewed strength.

Brown Tourmaline helps those who feel unloved or unforgivable find compassion and acceptance for the total self. It helps change negative habits and patterns, such as overcoming addiction and self-abuse, and promotes vibrant health.

This stone allows you to see your spiritual path in concrete terms, so you can plan the steps necessary to align your life with your spiritual purpose. He teaches you to manifest your highest self in your daily reality.

Physically, Brown Tourmaline is good for blood purification and for clearing and healing the lymphatic system. It aids in the absorption of nutrients from food and can help soothe intestinal disorders.

Did you know...

...Brown Tourmaline would work well against lower back problems?


Root chakra (1st chakra)


Aries , Libra , Scorpio & Pisces