Meaning of Citrine

Citrine is a transparent gemstone that ranges from pale yellow to deep honey or brown shades. Natural citrine, which is rare, has a unique depth of color and appearance that sets it apart from other varieties. Unlike heated amethysts which have a more orange hue, natural citrine retains its authentic and subtle yellow to brown shades. These color shades provide an easy way to recognize the difference between the two.

Meaning of Citrine

Self-confidence, Optimism & Clarity

Citrine radiates the warming, stimulating power of the sun. It stimulates joie de vivre, optimism, playfulness and happiness. This stone helps you overcome anger, depression and feelings of anxiety and revitalizes the mind. It increases feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence. Citrine enhances individuality, strengthens willpower, motivates, makes you creative and encourages you to be outgoing.

Citrine teaches you how to manifest prosperity, success and all things good. He helps you overcome fear of responsibility, develop a positive attitude and go with the flow. It encourages self-expression and helps you express your ideas, needs, thoughts, wishes and feelings.

This stone helps analyze and understand information and solve problems. It promotes concentration, intellect, inner peace, mental clarity and self-discipline.

Citrine helps you see problems with the use of power and boundaries and to free yourself from oppressive influences and destructive tendencies. This stone makes you aware of repetitive patterns of self-limiting thoughts that are holding you back and dispels any challenge or negative emotion that blocks your path to happiness.

Citrine helps you process impressions and be more self-aware and alert. It activates your connection with your divine nature, makes you more intuitive and helps you hear your inner voice. It increases your psychic abilities and understanding of paranormal information.

Did you know...

...the Romans saw Citrine as a piece of the sun? The Romans believed that this gemstone absorbed sunlight.


Solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra)


Gemini , Taurus , Virgo , Leo &