Meaning of Euklaas

Purity, Transformation & Intuition

Euklaas is a gemstone that helps you to be honest and sincere and to gain insight into yourself and your less good qualities, so that you can work on these. It promotes integrity and gives you insight into the truth around you, allowing you to keep deception and manipulation at bay. In addition, it promotes intuition and clairvoyance and supports spiritual activities in which messages and information are received and passed on.

Euklaas powerfully transforms negative thought forms and is very useful for clarifying both people and spaces. It clears negativity and lower energy fields and is helpful in the healing work of Mother Earth.

Furthermore, Euklaas helps you communicate your ideas, thoughts, feelings and intuitive information and increases your understanding of your own karmic influences. It gives you better access to information from this or past lives or from the Akashic Records to learn from. Euklaas is also very good for people who strongly empathize with others, because it helps to clear their energy field. It is also good for people who put things off, because it helps to gain clarity of thought and focus. It improves vision with the eyes and inner vision and supports the brain in processing mental information. Euklaas is also helpful for people who stutter or have speech disorders.

Did you know...

... Euklaas owes its name to the Greek words 'eu' and 'klaazein', which stand for 'good' and 'break'? This is because this gemstone breaks perfectly in three directions, making it easy to spot.


Heart chakra (4th chakra) & Throat chakra (5th chakra)