Meaning of Galaxyite

Galaxyite, also known as micro-labradorite, is a special gemstone that combines the mystical properties of labradorite crystals with the stability of feldspar. This stone has a dark base, enriched with small, sparkling labradorite inclusions that give a star-like shine.

Meaning of Galaxyite

Protection, Insight & Intuition

Galaxyite is known for its ability to transform, making it a powerful ally in spiritual and personal growth. This stone offers protection in the aura, purifies it and helps to close any energetic gaps.

Just like labradorite, Galaxyite helps dispel fear and insecurity, and supports finding self-love, which contributes to reducing stress. The stone helps bring order and structure to life and provides insight into solving problems.

Galaxyite is particularly useful for highly sensitive or highly sensitive individuals. It provides protection against negative energies and overstimulation, and helps make a connection with intuition, guides, higher energies, and other sources of spiritual knowledge.


Root chakra (1st chakra) & heart chakra (4th chakra)