Meaning of Kiwi opal

Kiwi opal, native to Indonesia, is a green variety of opal, a moisture-retaining mineral prized for its natural, vibrant green color.


Healing, Self-esteem & Transformation

Kiwi Opal helps to add meaning and spiritual perspective to everyday life. It helps strengthen self-esteem and encourages a deeper connection with intuition, while reducing anxiety.

Kiwi opal provides powerful emotional support and acts as a protector for the aura. Kiwi Opal helps neutralize negative energies and cleanse emotional pollution, bringing a sense of peace and balance. It is particularly effective in providing relief from emotional challenges such as worry, and encourages self-reflection and assertiveness.

Kiwi Opal invites you to live from the heart and supports you to take responsibility for your own life. It promotes a new consciousness and strengthens the connection with inner guides and spiritual gifts. This stone is also helpful in communicating personal truth, in alignment with the heart and higher consciousness.


Heart chakra