Meaning of Opal

Meaning of Opal

Protection, Purification of the soul & Dragon energy

Opal helps you realize your highest purpose on earth and returns you to the ethereal blueprint of your true self. It acts as a protective shield against negative energies and increases your sensitivity to the energy of crystals, people and the earth.

Opal helps you face your deepest fears and transform them into your greatest gifts. It supports weight loss by addressing underlying psychological causes, such as vulnerability or deep anger, and helps you release deeper layers of repressed emotions, fear and trauma, including those from past lives. This crystal is considered a powerful tool for exploring past lives, with its fiery inclusions removing old karma, de-energizing and making room for new patterns and growth.

Opal is an emotional enhancer that strengthens the will to live. It activates the base, sacral and crown chakras and creates a strong, stable energy flow. It makes you creative and makes your latent creative gifts visible. This crystal helps you communicate better, both in normal communication and in paranormal communication skills. It helps you change your way of thinking and supports you in making decisions.

Did you know...

... Opal is known as the "fire of the desert"? This is because the gemstone is formed in volcanic rocks and its unique patterns and colors are formed by the interaction between lava and water.


Root chakra (1st chakra), Sacral chakra (2nd chakra) & Crown chakra (7th chakra).


Cancer , Scorpio , Sagittarius & Pisces