Meaning of Purple Scapolite

Purple scapolite is a rare variety of the scapolite mineral group, notable for its unique purple hue. This stone can range from light lavender to deep violet depending on its specific composition and origin.

Meaning of Purple Scapolite

Insight, Clarity & Change

Purple Scapolite is a special gemstone that provides insight and clarity in difficult situations and overcomes self-sabotage. The stone supports creating conscious change and breaking self-destructive patterns.

When worn, Purple Scapolite offers a calming effect. The crystal helps remove old emotional traumas and creates a positive flow of energy.

In short, it is a useful stone to wear when you need clarity and insight in difficult situations, or if you want to break self-destructive patterns.

Did you know...

…the name Scapolite comes from the Greek words 'skapos' (rod) and 'lithos' (stone), which refers to the long prismatic crystals in which the stone is usually found?


Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra)