Meaning of Petroleum Quartz

Takes place: Kharan, Pakistan

Petroleum quartz from Pakistan is a rare variety of quartz that contains crude oil, often visible as dark-colored or golden bubbles within the stone. When exposed to ultraviolet light, these petroleum inclusions can fluoresce, resulting in a distinctive blue or green glow. This unique combination of quartz and natural oil makes it an intriguing specimen for collectors and gemstone enthusiasts alike.

Meaning of Petroleum Quartz

Desire, Passion & Willpower

Petroleum quartz is a gemstone that stimulates your inner strength and gives you fuel to bring your desires to life. The stone is charged with golden magic that will ignite your deepest desire, passion and willpower to help you manifest your deepest visions.

The oil in this crystal works as fuel or ointment for us as humans, allowing us to admit new energy into our body. The golden energy magically resonates with our body and helps strengthen it.

Petroleum quartz calls us to take control of our emotions and find balance, in our center, our axis.

On the solar plexus, this gemstone stimulates confidence, abundance, strength and willpower, among other things. Petroleum quartz also works deeply in the pelvic area and stimulates emotional balance, purification and a deep connection with Mother Earth.

Did you know...

... Petroleum quartz is also known as quartz with inclusions? This is because the crystal contains natural oils that are absorbed into the quartz during the formation of the stone.


Solar plexus chakra