Meaning of Pyrite

Pyrite, often called "fool's gold" because of its gold-like luster, is an iron sulfide mineral that crystallizes in a cubic system. This stone is easily recognized by its shiny, metallic appearance and striking gold hue. Pyrite is commonly found in various geological settings ranging from sedimentary to magmatic rocks.

Meaning of Pyrite

Protection, Strength & Perseverance

Pyrite is a crystal of power, potential and protection. He helps you free yourself from everything that keeps you from being your true self. The glittering appearance mimics the treasures that lie beneath your false beliefs of inadequacy.

Pyrite is connected to the solar plexus chakra; our center of self-esteem, confidence and expression. Pyrite helps you stand up for yourself, speak clearly, claim your power and pursue your goals with boundless confidence. This stone rids you of old energy and invites new inspiration into your life. It improves memory and encourages healthy leadership skills.

Pyrite blocks negative energy at all levels, prevents energy leakage from the physical body and aura, and protects against psychic attacks or energy vampires without exhaustion. He supports you in keeping your energetic channels clear and welcoming liberation.

Did you know...

…the name of Pyrite is derived from the Greek word 'pyr' which means 'fire'? In ancient times it was discovered that sparks were released when you hit a flint with pyrite.


Root chakra (1st chakra) & Solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra)


Taurus , Aries , Leo & Capricorn