Rhodonite gemstone

The Rhodonite gemstone is a manganese silicate and is distinguished by its pink to reddish brown color, often with black manganese oxide spots. The mineral mainly forms in metamorphic rocks and can sometimes be found in manganese-rich sedimentary deposits. Rhodonite is often appreciated for its striking color contrast and pattern.


Resilience, Energy & Success

Rhodonite charges your mental and physical strength and makes you more resilient.

It brings youthful energy and zest into your life and helps you maintain even energy throughout the day. It is a good stone for processing emotional pain and gives you the strength and confidence to remove negative people from your life.

This stone promotes joy, love, healing and balance, which is also the foundation of hard work and financial success. Rhodonite gives you the power to critically examine situations, understand what is bothering you, and then tackle those problems. He gives you clarity about who and what you want to be in your life, such as which career to follow and which relationship choices to make. Rhodonite gives you clarity and confidence when making these decisions and prevents you from getting stuck in hesitations.

Rhodonite helps you achieve balance and harmony in your life, especially in developing an effortless balance between your social/external and spiritual/internal lives.

Did you know...

... Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite are not related? Although the names and colors are similar, both gemstones grow from a different raw material composition.


Heart chakra


Taurus , Sagittarius , Cancer , Capricorn & Aries