Meaning of pink tourmaline

Regeneration, Unconditional Love & the Divine Mother

Pink Tourmaline has a great power of love that can heal very deeply. This stone relieves stress, brings emotional balance and nourishes the emotional body. She teaches you what unconditional love is and to love yourself unconditionally first. Pink Tourmaline helps you stay closer to your own heart and provides comfort when you are emotionally vulnerable. It promotes peace, relaxation, wisdom, compassion and stimulates receptivity to healing energies.

Pink Tourmaline strengthens the energy of giving and allows this energy to come back to you as emotional nourishment. She softens thoughts and mental energy and makes them positive. This stone helps recognize negative thoughts and let them go. She heals old pain and sadness, and grounds them, so that you can use the insights in your daily life and growth.

The nurturing energy of Pink Tourmaline brings out the energy of the Divine Mother. She brings you to a higher consciousness. On a spiritual level, Pink Tourmaline activates your sacred heart, aligns your consciousness with the angels and facilitates communication with Ascended Masters.

Did you know...

...Pink Tourmaline strengthens your masculine side?


Root Chakra (1st chakra), Sacral Chakra (2nd chakra) & Heart Chakra (4th chakra)


Aries , Libra , Scorpio & Pisces