Meaning of Pink Topaz

Pink topaz is a gemstone with a seductive pink hue, ranging from light pastel to deep raspberry. Topaz itself is a silicon alumina mineral, and is quite rare. The stone is loved for its clarity and ability to shine beautifully when cut.

Meaning of Pink Topaz

Creativity, Calming & Intuition

Pink Topaz is a gemstone that promotes creativity, spiritual development and calmness. This stone stimulates finding the right direction in life and helps achieve goals.

It contributes to stabilizing your mood and makes you go through life more cheerfully. Pink Topaz stimulates openness, honesty, empathy and strengthens your intuition.

Pink Topaz helps you calm down in stressful times and stabilizes mood swings. It inspires and ensures that you trust your own knowledge.

In short, it is a useful stone to wear when you need calming, a boost in creativity or strengthening your intuition.

Did you know...

…Pink topaz is also often called Brazilian Ruby?


Heart chakra (4th chakra)