Scapolite gemstone

The Scapolite gemstone belongs to a group of silicate minerals that contain both aluminum and calcium. It crystallizes mainly in metamorphic rocks, especially in gneiss and schist. Scapolite can vary in color from colorless to blue, yellow or purple, depending on the minerals present.


Personal growth, Self-discipline & Helps with trauma

Scapolite is a powerful gemstone that can help you make conscious changes in your life. It encourages independence and teaches you to achieve your goals through planning and taking action. This gemstone helps develop self-discipline and helps put an end to self-blame.

Scapolite revises the emotional blueprint and can resolve old emotional traumas. This gemstone can also effectively unblock stuck energies, especially in the legs and veins. It is a perfect stone to wear for dyslexia, because it frees the left hemisphere of the brain and increases analytical skills.

Scapolite is connected to the feminine divine energy that can help you become "whole" and be loving to yourself and others. The crystal ends mental sabotage, manipulation and thoughts such as "I'm not good enough" that keep you from being in your full power. It helps in making decisions from an objective point of view and can calm hyperactivity.

Did you know...

...the name Scapolite comes from the Greek word "scapos", meaning "trunk", because of the typical elongated crystal shapes in which the stone is found?


Solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra)