Meaning of black tourmaline

Inner Strength, Grounding & Protection

Black Tourmaline helps with the purification and cleansing of the emotional body. This stone is known for its protective effect against all types of negativity and electromagnetic radiation by diverting negative energy from a person or area.

Black Tourmaline connects you to your base chakra and is a crystal of inner strength. It increases physical vitality and helps to release tension and stress. It helps you break free from harmful thoughts and behaviors such as worries and addictions and helps you view the world more objectively, allowing clear, rational thoughts. It frees your mind from negative energies and thoughts such as fear, anger and feelings of worthlessness and gives you self-confidence, self-esteem and peace.

This stone helps you to adopt a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances, teaches you to stand up for yourself and provides support and decisiveness in difficult situations. This stone is particularly good for sensitive people. It grounds the body and protects the aura, so you absorb fewer emotions from others.

Did you know...

...Black Tourmaline works well against radiation?


Root chakra (1st chakra)


Libra , Capricorn & Pisces