Green kyanite meaning

Green Kyanite is known for its vibrant, translucent green color and silky sheen. This mineral, consisting of aluminum silicate, belongs to the kyanite family. The green color of this kyanite is due to trace elements of vanadium, unlike the blue variant where iron and titanium are present.

Meaning of Green Kyanite

Peace, Healing & Reflection

Green Kyanite is a stone that brings peace and healing. It has a calming effect and helps to find inner peace, making it an ideal stone for meditation and reflection. It promotes a state of serenity, allowing one to overcome obstacles and fears that hinder personal growth.

This stone encourages self-expression and communication. It helps individuals find their unique path and encourages them to live the truth of the heart. Green Kyanite promotes empathy and compassion, essential qualities for spiritual and emotional maturation.

In addition, Green Kyanite is a powerful ally for restoring Qi and removing energetic blockages. It cuts through confusion and reduces feelings of frustration, stress and anger, promoting a clear mind and rational thinking.

On a spiritual level, Green Kyanite grounds spiritual vibrations. It strengthens the connection with nature and the environment, thereby supporting spiritual growth by encouraging a deeper attunement to the natural world.


Heart chakra


Sagittarius, Libra & Gemini