Yeremejevite meaning

Jeremejevite is one of the rarest crystals in the world and can be recognized by its clear blue to colorless appearance. This crystal, an aluminum borate, was first discovered in Siberia in 1883 and was named after the Russian mineralogist Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev.

Meaning of Jeremejevit

Purification, Deepening & Powerful

As small as the crystal is, you can make so many adventures and great journeys with it during meditations. It has a huge energy field. Jeremejeviet cleanses very powerfully, like a strong breeze that blows through all your bodies and sweeps everything clean, but also reopens all your energy bodies. Jeremejevite connects strongly with the crown chakra and helps you connect with your higher self. However, it is important to be well grounded when wearing this crystal due to its high vibration.

Jeremejevit is useful if you have your feet firmly on the ground and want to dive deeper into your spiritual self; it helps speed up this process and provides new insights.

Did you know...

...Jeremejeviet is in the top 10 rarest crystals in the world and that finding a large and clear specimen is extremely rare?


Crown chakra