Cobalt Calcite

Cobalt Calcite is a type of calcite that obtains its characteristic pink hue from the naturally occurring cobalt ions. In these gemstones you sometimes find traces of azurite or malachite.

Meaning of Cobalt Calcite

Love, Self-Discovery & Emotional Healing

Cobalt Calcite is connected to unconditional love and forgiveness, and helps to develop a deeper connection with one's own heart. It promotes love, not only towards others, but above all it also stimulates love for yourself.

This mineral is particularly helpful for those experiencing emotional blocks or heartache. It soothes intense feelings and helps overcome loneliness, sadness and a broken heart. The stone helps express emotions and emits a nourishing energy, which is essential for self-care.

Cobalt Calcite offers comfort for people who have a lot of empathy and sometimes hold on to and take over the emotions of others. This gemstone helps release these emotional burdens without suffering yourself, and promotes forgiveness on both sides.


Heart chakra


Cancer & Libra