Earring gold plated

  • Material: Gold plated 14kt
  • Base metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Dimensions: Ø 13mm & 15mm
  • Closure: With hinge
  • Thickness: 1.3mm
  • About this earring

    This earring, made in Gold plated 14kt, features a hinge mechanism that makes it easy to put on and remove the earring. Gold plated 14kt is an affordable alternative to 14 carat gold.

    However, it is good to realize that the gold layer can deteriorate over time due to wear, exposing the base metal, silver in this case.

    Are you unsure between Gold plated and 14 Carat gold?

    The answer lies in its durability and price. A Gold plated earring is an affordable option but can wear over time, causing the underlying Silver to become visible. Are you looking for an earring that will last longer? Then an earring is made 14 carat gold the right choice. A 14 karat gold earring is a larger investment but is much more durable and will last for years.