Scolesite meaning

This Scolecite comes from India and belongs to the zeolite family, known for its soft structure. The stone usually occurs in white, but can also be found in a light pink shade.

Meaning of Scolecite

Inner Peace, Connection & Spiritual Awakening

Pink Scolecite radiates a soft, calming energy that promotes inner calm and peace. It helps release fears and stress, creating a deep sense of serenity. This stone activates the higher chakras and connects you to guides and other spiritual realms, encouraging heightened awareness and spiritual awakening.

Scolecite opens the heart chakra and promotes life from your heart. It helps to let go of old pains and spontaneously express love in daily life. Its soft energy makes it perfect for meditation and healing sessions, and supports clear dreams and peaceful sleep.

This gemstone creates a protective field of White Light around you, which protects you from negative energies and entities. Pink Scolecite strengthens the energetic connection between lovers, deepening the bond between hearts.


Heart chakra & Crown chakra


Pisces , Cancer & Scorpio