Shattuckite meaning

This Shattuckite comes from Namibia and often contains other minerals such as malachite, azurite, chrysocolla and turquoise.

Meaning of Shattuckite

Wisdom, Intuition & Communication

Shattuckite helps you to search for your own deep wisdom. This stone supports the opening and strengthening of paranormal abilities, such as channeling and clairvoyance. Shattuckite stimulates the heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra, bringing them into harmony and alignment.

It contributes to a deeper understanding of the truth and helps you to take responsibility for yourself, which helps you to see yourself 'real'. Shattuckite prevents you from playing a victim role and helps you to judge less quickly.

Shattuckite supports the healing of blockages from past lives and provides protection when communicating with other worlds.


Heart chakra , Throat chakra & Third eye chakra


Taurus & Libra