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About Tsavorite

Commonly found in rocky environments, tsavorite is a rare gemstone with a bright, vibrant green hue. This stone belongs to the garnet family, and when it is cut, its intense green color is even more pronounced.


Abundance, Gratitude & Healing

This Garnet from Tanzania is connected to the planet Venus. Tsavorite is a stone of prosperity, prosperity and abundance. Although this stone is small, it is extremely powerful. Tsavorite brings healing to the base chakra for blockages and trauma, and helps to open, purify and activate this chakra with a healing, loving energy. It also opens and cleanses the heart chakra, improves vitality and increases zest for life, charity and goodwill. He helps you to tune in to your heart's desire and to follow it.

Tsavoriet helps overcome scarcity and other forms of financial anxiety. He teaches you gratitude for physical and spiritual wealth and nourishes your connection with the Divine source. He learns to relax, go with the flow and inspires service and cooperation. This stone helps overcome challenges and provides both physical and emotional peace, strength and courage. He helps you to get to know yourself, to go within and see the hidden beauty in yourself and others.

Tsavorite helps you connect with higher dimensions, Angels and other spiritual beings. It aids in channeling, receiving visions and strengthens psychic abilities and telepathy. Tsavorite accelerates physical healing from physical trauma and improves the flow of energy in the meridians and organs (such as the kidneys and heart). He helps you take responsibility for your healing process, find your own healing power and use it.

Did you know...

…Tsavorite was only rediscovered in 1967 in the mines of northeastern Tanzania?


Heart chakra


Aries , Leo & Scorpio


Gold filled 14kt

The term 'Gold filled 14kt' means that the piece of jewelry consists of 5% 14 carat gold. This layer of gold is a lot thicker than gold plated jewelry and therefore your jewelry will remain beautiful for much longer! To enjoy your jewelry even longer, good care is important:

  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as shampoo, hairspray and perfume
  • Avoid prolonged contact with water and avoid contact with chlorine and swimming pools


Our silver jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver. Has your silver jewelry become a bit tarnished? No problem! It is possible to make your favorite necklace 'shine' again with silver polish!

14 Carat Gold

Gold jewelry can become a bit tarnish over time, especially if you wear it every day. You can clean your jewelry in lukewarm water.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are they real gemstones?

      Naturally! 🌿

      In our collection you will only find genuine gemstones. In fact, we only purchase gemstones if the quality is good. We also avoid heated stones ❤️

      Is your jewelry really handmade?

      Of course! ❤️

      All jewelry is handmade with a lot of attention and love. This is what happens before a piece of jewelry appears on our website:

      • The Discovery Tour: We scour trade fairs and wholesalers to select the most beautiful gemstones, one by one, based on quality and shape.

      • Creation: We then accurately drill a hole in each stone with a diamond drill, after which we attach an eyelet. This makes it possible to wear your jewelry the way you want - on a necklace or as an earring.

      • Photography: And the best part? Every piece of jewelry is unique! We place an individual photo of each piece of jewelry on our website, so that you can choose your perfect shape. There is only one copy of each stone, so you are guaranteed something unique ❤️
      How can I know the size of a jewelry?

      Two photos are available of each piece of jewelry. In the 2nd photo you will find my hand behind the jewelry so you can estimate the size. Please note: these are men's hands so perhaps slightly larger than the average female reader, haha ​​:)

      And if you really want to know exactly: my fingers are about 1.7 cm thick. I never thought I would ever measure this, but maybe it will be of some use to you haha.

      Is gift wrapping possible?


      All our jewelry always comes with a gift box that consists of, click on this link for an example.

      1. A jewelry box or jewelry pouch: For charms only, a pouch and with a chain or earring a box.
      2. A meaning card:
        This contains the description of the specific gemstone you have chosen, the same text as on the website.
      3. Gift wrapping paper:
        To top it off, there is a nice piece of paper around it that is closed with a sticker.

      Can the eye of a piece of jewelry be changed?

      Unfortunately, the eyes of our jewelry are firmly glued and cannot be interchanged. Hopefully you will find another gemstone or shape that attracts you ❤️

      Handmade jewelry

      All pendants are handmade with attention and love ❤️